21 Day Detox – Winter


Dates: 01 January – 21 January 2024

Winter is the time of rest and nourishment. Especially for those of us living in cold climates, winter is a time to recharge our energy stores in preparation for the busy months ahead.

Signs You May Benefit from our 21 day Winter Detox:

1. Consistent sugar cravings
2. Skin problems (rashes, acne, etc.)
3. Food and scent intolerances and allergies
4. Constipation, diarrhea and other digestive issues
5. Frequent colds and viruses
6. Unexplained headaches
7. Lower back pain
8. General aches and pains
9. Fatigue and low energy
10. Inability to feel rested after sleep
11. Compromised resistance to infections
12. Inability to lose weight
13. You have frequent bloating after meals.
14. Confused Fuzzy thinking (brain fog)

Ways to live with the seasons in the winter include sleeping more, spending more time in introspection, and eating warming and nutrient-dense foods to support your immune system. There are many ways to support your health this we will cover in depth using our simple and effective 21 winter detox. during this detox we will share with you useful tips you can use to boost weight loss and burn stubborn visceral fat (Belly Fat).

The IBK Detox plans are a total of £250 for 21 days.
Our detox plan includes:

  • Detox meal plan
  • List Detox drinks
  • Detox smoothie recipes
  • Detox shopping list
  • Daily support and detox motivation
  • Access to IBK’s Kitchen for 1 month
  • 10% off Clients packages