7 Day Kidney Cleanse


IBK’s Kitchen 7-Day Kidney Cleanse

Your kidneys remove waste, control the body’s fluid balance, and moderate the levels of electrolytes. The Kidney 7 day Cleanse Program by IBK’s Kitchen has been designed to help detoxify, cleanse and purge the kidneys of built-up toxins.

A kidney cleanse is especially important if you’ve ever suffered with any type of infection, have type 2 diabetes, suffer from high blood pressure, any type of fluid retention or any type of urinary tract infection — or if you have any type of kidney stone symptoms.

Two of the leading contributors to chronic kidney disease (CKD) are diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of these cause damage to the nephrons, the tiny filtering units in the kidneys. Each of your kidneys is made up of about half a million of these filtering nephrons. They work by returning much-needed substances back to the blood and removing waste.

This complete kidney cleansing program offers a comprehensive approach to rejuvenating your renal system in a short time. Give your kidneys a well deserved boost with Plant-Based Kidney health facilitate toxin removal with freshly cold pressed juices and organic meals, and boost the entire process with Turmeric. This 7-day program is extremely effective and powerful.

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* Cleanses & Revitalizes the Kidneys
* Promotes Urinary Tract Health
* Supports Fluid & Water Balance in the Body

Your 7 day Kidney cleanse will include 2 x 500mls juices per day. Each one is packed full of delicious, 100% organic and locally sourced (where possible) fruit, veg and superfoods.

-14 bottles of Kidney cleanse juices

-5 Cooked plant based kidney cleansing meals

-2 Kidney cleansing salad kits

– Kidney Cleanse meal plan

-1 Kidney cleansing zoom seminar on Nutrition for kidney health

– Free delivery for meals delivered to your door expressly by DHL.

-1 month Access to IBK’s Kitchen meal prep services

You will receive all seven days worth of juices and meals in one delivery and they will be delivered to you perfectly chilled.

(Please note that some people are not advised to take part in a 7-day kidney cleanse plan. If you are an individual who often suffers from drops in blood sugar levels / pregnant woman/nursing mother / malnourished or nutrient deficient, have a history of eating disorders, please consult your doctor before trying a juice plan or kidney cleanse.)