Liquid Chlorophyll


100% aqueous extract of mulberry leaf

Add 2- 2 drops to 1 litre of water. Please refrigerate once opened.

Our Liquid Chlorophyll is a highly concentrated source of chlorophyll – derived directly from Mulberry leaf.
Containing no artificial ingredients, like most other chlorophyll supplements.

Chlorophyll is the closest compound to human hemoglobin. Human hemoglobin has iron, whereas Chlorophyll predominantly contains Magnesium.

This completely natural formulation can be added to water, smoothies and green drinks to boost the effects. By helping build healthy red blood cells, it boosts your energy and cellular health.

The benefit is that it has a molecular structure similar to hemoglobin; except for the center atom. So it’s almost like ingesting hemoglobin.

Chlorophyll is extracted from plants, and you are already getting it if you eat your vegetables. However for those of that live busy lives and don’t have time to eat adequate amounts of vegetable’s liquid chlorophyll is a good option.

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